Construction Specialist

Property Maintenance

Construction Specialists  also specialises in building and property maintenance, facilitating a number of additional maintenance services for every customer. But we do more than just property maintenance services for commercial facilities – we pride ourselves on being a partner that helps you save time and solve problems!

Maintenance Services

We will design customer-specific maintenance service program to fit every customers requirements — from regularly scheduled, preventive and any emergency response at a moment’s notice. We will make sure our team is available any time, day or night, to fulfill all of your maintenance needs.


When you partner with Construction Specialists for your maintenance needs, our dedicated team will sit down with you to establish your  maintenance plan and frequency in order to design the maintenance schedule that’s right for your business. As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we will also establish an emergency service plan to handle any and all eventualities that fall outside of your regularly scheduled service engagements, so you can rest assured that your location is always covered.

*  Our maintenance activities include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper working condition in a routine, scheduled, or to an acceptable standard. 

* The aim is to prevent failure and/or devaluing. This includes  replacement of any fixtures, parts and systems. 

Examples of  Property Management include:

  • Basic everyday maintenance services. 
  • Routine exterior painting of buildings and interior painting of public and common areas. 
  • General building repairs. 
  • Maintenance of building life-safety and security alarm systems, and systems such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, electrical and lighting. 
  • Pest control. 
  • Care of trees and shrubbery, lawns and sidewalks. 
  • Maintenance and repair of door locks and door hardware.
  • Some repair of furniture and fixtures.

In addition to above we can discuss and plan the following services if required:

  • Installation, service and repair of certain  equipment.  Moving and furniture installation. 
  • Minor upgrades required to meet specific programs.
  • Limited installation of additional electrical outlets or lights. 
  • Non-common area painting and carpeting and painting beyond the planned maintenance cycle. 
  • Cleaning and support services for some events.
Why Property Maintenance is important

At its core, property maintenance is a matter of practicing some very simple principles throughout the course of your project. It means being tracking your progress toward milestones and goals, instead of assuming everything will happen as planned. It means keeping things on track through clear and continuous communication

In property maintenance , a plan is critical. In all likelihood, you will encounter unforeseen challenges, and aspects of your project may take unexpected directions. The key is to be prepared, and to make adjustments as you move ahead.

Property maintenance is a matter of  flexibility. If you can maintain a plan even as it must shift and evolve, and you will be ready to succeed.

Just as your home requires ongoing care and maintenance, so do your buildings. We will be responsible for planning and completing major maintenance and building and equipment renewal to keep your building safe and working well. Our team of engineers, project managers and trades work hard each  to implement this work with as little interruption as possible to everyday activities in the building. 

We build, manage and maintain the buildings, grounds and infrastructure to the highest possible standard. Construction specialists has the team that cover almost every trade in commercial construction, maintenance  and property management fields. We work together to keep all of the buildings running smoothly, clean, and a great place to work. We also look after all new construction and renovations  and have a team that is dedicated to maintaining  lawns, trees, flowers and sidewalks. We are also responsible for providing and maintaining parking areas around the building.

Consider us for you next building project for the life cycle of the works.